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A Time To Recalibrate

A Time To Recalibrate by Gary Roux, taken from Matthew 16:13-17 and 21-23, challenges us to recognize that God is always n the process of recalibrating us to the model of Jesus and calls us to embrace and submit to the work of grace that He is currently doing in our lives.  (To watch the video, click here)

Purpose In The Process

Purpose In The Process by Chrissy Holesovsky, taken from Proverbs 19:17 and Job 42:2, encourages us to walk (not run) with God through the process He has planned for us being open to what He may be showing us and not to place our focus on what we think the outcome should be.  Often the process is painful but it is where the most change occurs.

Deliver Us!

Deliver Us! by Pastor Kenny, taken from Matt 6:9-13, challenged us to recognize our own brokenness and call out for God to deliver us so we do not miss His timing and His will. And he also called us to add certain characteristics or practices to our life that would help us grow in knowing the Lord’s will and being in the right place at the right time.

I Must

I Must by Pastor Kenny, taken from Matt 6:9-13, reminded us that Jesus and the early church lived life and prayed with a sense of destiny, urgency, dependence and allegiance; then he called us to live and pray in like manner.

He Is Who He Is

He Is Who He Is by Pastor Ryan, taken from Exodus 3:13-14, reminds us that God is not a god who can be controlled by us, but sovereign over all things and challenges us to live a life of faith and trust when God’s ways do not make sense to us.

The Fight Of The Century

The Fight Of The Century by Pastor Ryan, taken from Genesis 32:22-30, challenges us to face the brokenness of our past, stop dealing with it the same way we have in the past; and instead encounter God in the midst of it and wrestle through it with Him and find victory.