'light' Tagged Posts

'light' Tagged Posts

Walk in the Light

Walk in the Light taken from John 8:1-12 by guest preacher, Rev. Glen Snowden, reminds us that we no longer have to walk in darkness because we have Jesus and He is the light.

Engaging The Call

Engaging The Call by Pastor Ryan, taken from Hosea 11:1-2 and Luke 9:10-13, challenged us to embrace and engage the call to a missional life, living intentionally and purposefully to carry on the the mission of Jesus Christ.

More Light Than Heat

More Light Than Heat by Chrissy Holesovsky, taken from John 8:12 and Matt 5:14-16, challenges us to be like Jesus in bringing more light to the world and shine forth the heart and character of our heavenly Father.  (To watch a video of the sermon, click here)

Neither Hide Away Nor Blend In

Neither Hide Away Nor Blend In by Steve Neveu, taken from Matt 5:13-16, challenges us to recognize that we as followers of Christ are salt and light, and that we are not to hide away nor blend in, but to shine bright and season our world with the gospel of the kingdom.  (To watch a video of the sermon, click here)

Chosen For So Much More

Chosen For So Much More by Pastor Kenny, taken from 1 Peter 2:9-10, calls us to recognize who we really are; a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God who are called out of darkness into the light to proclaim the excellencies of God.  (To watch a video of the sermon, click here)
We will be holding an in-person Sunday service at 10 AM and will be broadcasting it live on our Facebook page. The church should still be considered closed to all other in-person activities.