Posts from January 2018

Posts from January 2018

Proverbial Wisdom

Proverbial Wisdom by guest speaker, Shane Adams from the Amherst Project, reminds us of the importance of Proverbs and memorizing God’s word to make it alive and practical.  (To watch the video, click here)

Waiting for God to Work

Waiting for God to Work taken from Isaiah 64:1-4 by guest preacher, Rev. Glen Snowden, reminds us that God is always working behind the scenes even when we can’t see it and we shouldn’t grow weary, or worry and never forget to worship.  (To watch the video, click here)

It’s Not a Delay, It’s Preparation

It’s Not a Delay, It’sPreparation taken from Deuteronomy 1:38-40 and Matthew 4:1-11 by guest preacher, Rev. Marlene Gil. This sermon reminds us that even though we can’t see it right away, God is always at work. It is the in between time that He prepares us for what is to come. …


Highland taken from Hebrews 11:14-16 by Kathleen O’Goley challenges us as believers to look beyond the earthly to the heavenly, just as believers before us had done, and look forward to a life to come. All this is done through faith.  (To watch the video, click here)
We will be holding an in-person Sunday service at 10 AM and will be broadcasting it live on our Facebook page or the livestream link on the homepage. All other in-person activities are heavily restricted. Please check with the church office for the most updated information.