Posts from July 2018

Posts from July 2018

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader taken from Mark 1:17 and Luke 9:23 by Kathy Charland challenges us as we use social media to follow people to ask ourselves what can we do or begin to do to follow Jesus more closely.

Walk in the Light

Walk in the Light taken from John 8:1-12 by guest preacher, Rev. Glen Snowden, reminds us that we no longer have to walk in darkness because we have Jesus and He is the light.

More Than Conquerors

More Than Conquerors taken from Romans 8:28-39 by guest speaker, John Hicks Mackenzie, reminds us that all things work for God’s good and nothing can separate us from His love. We may experience trouble in this world but as believers, He will not allow anything to defeat us.

Bless and Build with Your Words

Bless and Build with Your Words taken from Ephesians 4:29-32 by Interim Pastor Joe Greene reminds us of the power of our words. We grieve the Holy Spirit when we use our words to break down because the intent of the Holy Spirit is to build up.
We will be holding an in-person Sunday service at 10 AM and will be broadcasting it live on our Facebook page or the livestream link on the homepage. All other in-person activities are heavily restricted. Please check with the church office for the most updated information.