Chrissy Holesovsky

Chrissy Holesovsky


Hope taken from Romans 15:12-15 by Chrissy Holesovsky reminds us of the meaning of Advent and that the hope we have in Christ is not a wish – it is a promise.  (To watch the video, click here)

Purpose In The Process

Purpose In The Process by Chrissy Holesovsky, taken from Proverbs 19:17 and Job 42:2, encourages us to walk (not run) with God through the process He has planned for us being open to what He may be showing us and not to place our focus on what we think the outcome should be.  Often the process is painful but it is where the most change occurs.

More Light Than Heat

More Light Than Heat by Chrissy Holesovsky, taken from John 8:12 and Matt 5:14-16, challenges us to be like Jesus in bringing more light to the world and shine forth the heart and character of our heavenly Father.  (To watch a video of the sermon, click here)

Kingdom Relationships

Kingdom Relationships by Chrissy Holesovsky calls the church to recognize the value of relationships and the need to be intentional in recieving and giving back in relationships so that we might grow and mature as followers of Jesus
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