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Sermons (Page 3)

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Lift And Be Lifted

Lift And Be Lifted by Pastor Ryan, taken from John 12:23-32, reminds us that as Christ was lifted on the cross, He draws people to Him.  It was not the empty tomb that draws but the suffering endured for us and it challenges us to face our fears knowing Christ lives in us.  (To watch a video of the sermon, click here)

Living The Resurrection

Living The Resurrection by Pastor Ryan, taken from Colossians 2:6-15, challenged us to consider if we are just celebrating a yearly Easter anniversary for the day or are we truly living the resurrected life everyday and everywhere and can people see our faith alive in us in every area of life?  (To watch a video of the sermon, click here)

No Longer Slaves

No Longer Slaves by Pastor Kenny, taken from Matthew 21:7-11, reminds us that just as Barabbas was set free and released from his prison and death sentence, even so we have been set free, so we would no longer be slaves to Satan or sin. Now we have been shown the Father’s favor and been restored as His children with a new life to live. The question is, “what…