Missing Row Ministries (MRM)

Missing Row Ministries (MRM)

Missing Row Ministries

Missing Row Ministries (MRM) is a joint ministry with 2 South Hadley churches:  Second Baptist Church and Stony Brook Community Church

Purpose:  Outreach to the sick and memory impaired.  We are a team who is called by Jesus Christ to be hope givers and love bearers to those who are missing from a row in their long time church pews unable to attend church. This is why our service is known as Missing Row Ministries. We recognize that people with dementia are isolated and cut off from their community. They may be missing from church but they are not lost. God knows exactly where they are and He sends us to serve the memory impaired by bringing a worship service tailored specifically for Spiritual Memory Care. Our goal is to bring church to those who cannot make it to church and to bring assurance that they are not forgotten. We share together the love of God and hope in Jesus name with respect, dignity, and joy. The MRM service is referred to as Spiritual Moments at many of the locations.

Our 30 minutes Spiritual Moments service includes reciting together Psalm 23 with prayer and familiar worship and patriotic music.  Repetition of the familiar allows the opportunity for recall and to be refreshed by the Holy Spirit.

We currently minister at 12 locations:  River Mills Assisted Living in Chicopee, Day Brook Village (formerly Loomis Nursing Home) in Holyoke, Arbors in Chicopee, the Atrium in Agawam, Holyoke Soldier’s Home, Willimansett Center East in Chicopee, Mason Wright in Springfield, Keystone Commons in Ludlow, Vero Health and Rehab (formerly Wingate) in South Hadley, Linda Manor in Leeds, Armbrook Village in Westfield, and Loomis Village in South Hadley.

Our team counts it a privilege and honor to join with those who live in memory care communities.  In 2018, team members joined the Dementia Friends of Massachusetts Initiative which is a global movement that is changing the way people think, act, and talk about dementia.

If you feel called to learn more about MRM, please contact us.  Click here to find the dates and times we serve.

We will be holding an in-person Sunday service at 10 AM and will be broadcasting it live on our Facebook page or the livestream link on the homepage. All other in-person activities are heavily restricted. Please check with the church office for the most updated information.