'jesus' Tagged Posts

'jesus' Tagged Posts

Follow the Leader

Follow the Leader taken from Mark 1:17 and Luke 9:23 by Kathy Charland challenges us as we use social media to follow people to ask ourselves what can we do or begin to do to follow Jesus more closely.

Walk in the Light

Walk in the Light taken from John 8:1-12 by guest preacher, Rev. Glen Snowden, reminds us that we no longer have to walk in darkness because we have Jesus and He is the light.

What I Have I Give to You

What I Have I Give To You taken from Acts 3:1-21 by Interim Pastor Joe Greene reminds us that as Christians because we were given the gift of hope and a new life through Jesus, we are to live out and pass that hope on to others.

Jesus-Lord and Christ

Jesus-Lord and Christ taken from Acts 2:22-41 by Interim Pastor Joe Greene reminds us that Jesus fulfills the Scripture, rose from the dead, and gives the Spirit so we should repent and be baptized in His name.

The Promised Spirit

The Promised Spirit by Interim Pastor Joe Greene taken from Acts 2:1-21 reminds us that as promised, Jesus sends the Spirit to empower His people to do supernatural things.

A Clear Mission

A Clear Mission taken from Acts 1:4-11 by Interim Pastor Joe Greene teaches us that Jesus gives His followers a clear mission and the resources to accomplish that mission.

Not Good Enough

NotGoodEnough by Kathy Charland taken from Romans 9:30-32 reminds us that nothing we do will ever get us into heaven. It is only through our belief in Jesus Christ.


Joy taken from Philippians 4:4 by Gary Roux reminds us that joy is tied to the Gospel, the Good News of our salvation, and is not just seasonal.  (To watch the video, click here)

Story Line Of The Bible Part 16

Story Line Of The Bible Part 16 by Pastor Kenny. Part 16 of the teaching series covers Jesus’ first excursion into Gentile territory, the deliverance of the man with the legion of demons, the disciples confessing who Jesus is, Jesus making known that He would die, be buried, and rise again, triumphal entry onto Jerusalem, and Jesus cursing the fig tree.
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