'prayer' Tagged Posts

'prayer' Tagged Posts

Deliver Us!

Deliver Us! by Pastor Kenny, taken from Matt 6:9-13, challenged us to recognize our own brokenness and call out for God to deliver us so we do not miss His timing and His will. And he also called us to add certain characteristics or practices to our life that would help us grow in knowing the Lord’s will and being in the right place at the right time.

I Must

I Must by Pastor Kenny, taken from Matt 6:9-13, reminded us that Jesus and the early church lived life and prayed with a sense of destiny, urgency, dependence and allegiance; then he called us to live and pray in like manner.

Raising The Battle Cry

Raising The Battle Cry by Pastor Ryan, taken from Eph 6:10-20, is part eight in the series on Spiritual Warfare. In this message, Pastor Ryan, reminds us that while we are in the battlefield we must keep our communication lines, prayer, with our commander open at all times and be in tune to and empowered by the Spirit receive His directions to serve and advance His…