'worship' Tagged Posts

'worship' Tagged Posts

Waiting for God to Work

Waiting for God to Work taken from Isaiah 64:1-4 by guest preacher, Rev. Glen Snowden, reminds us that God is always working behind the scenes even when we can’t see it and we shouldn’t grow weary, or worry and never forget to worship.  (To watch the video, click here)

Hallowed or Hollow Life?

Hallowed Or Hollow Life? by Pastor Kenny, taken from Matthew 6:9-13, calls us to present our lives to God as a living sacrifice and to live a lifestyle of worship that it would represent our Heavenly Father and all that He is and extend His invitation to all to return to Him.  (To watch the video, click here)

Tears Of Faith

Tears Of Faith by Pastor Ryan, taken from Luke 7:36-50, challenges us to allow ourselves to have our hearts be filled, consumed, and compelled by the love of Jesus Christ to pour out our hearts to Him in acts of extravagant worship.  (To watch a video of the sermon, click here)